TCA Spin

Get out on the highway. Stationary cycling can be, well, boring.  Not TCA Spin.  This is the motivating group fitness class on bikes that you’ve been looking for.  TCA Spin is TCA’s stationary cycle group fitness program, but it is one like you’ve never seen before!  We’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness and leg strength over 45 minutes, with a cooldown phase included.

The beauty of TCA Spin is that virtually anyone can do it – age is no barrier, and you can ride at your own intensity.  The instructors at TCA Your Gym will assist you in setting up the bike to suit your needs and comfort, and make your experience enjoyable while introducing you to stationary cycling.   If you want to give TCA Spin a go, but aren’t sure if you could manage a whole class, no worries! Just jump in and ride for a few tracks, then leave and try again next time (it may take a couple of classes to get your rear end used to the time on the seat!).   Give it a go and see for yourself how fun and addictive TCA Spin can be!

Bring a towel and bottle of water, and wear comfortable workout clothing.  Sports shoes are required in order to ride comfortably with the pedal cages.


TCA Fitness Club members FREE; Casuals $10

$10 casual Concession Cards are available, covering all TCA classes – 10 classes for $80

Bookings essential – call 07 868 8540

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